A hiking weekend 22-23 Nov 2014

We had two really good hiking days this weekend, walking in between rain storms. We only got caught once coming home Sunday and got drenched in just a few moments as we scrambled to get our umbrellas out.

A few weeks ago we hiked the Green Corridor with some friends. Pat was not able to finish the whole way then, so we rode a bus out to the spot where we stopped and finished the corridor on Saturday. Because of the rainy November here the Green Corridor could have been renamed the Brown Corridor or the Mud Corridor.

Footing was tricky in many spots. This stretch of the corridor is not quite as interesting as some of the other sections. This last stretch took us right up to the crossover bridge into Malaysia.

We’ve never been up to the Northern area of Singapore until Saturday so the area called Woodlands had a bit of a different feel to it with all the traffic going across the border. Lots of rules and signs like this one. Not quite sure what’s left that can’t turn. Airplanes?

We hiked about 3 miles on Saturday and then enjoyed a cold Tiger Beer at the local hawker center and a walk through the markets. Always enjoyable.

Sunday morning we took off early to hike part of the Bukit Timah Nature Park which is part of a large reservoir in the center of Singapore. This park is known as one of the most wild and natural forest area.

We saw lots of interesting plants and animals and ended up walking about 7 miles. We didn’t really plan on being in the really hot forest for quite that long but the paths were not all marked clearly. We saw some really tiny monkeys but like all little ones, they were too speedy and energetic for good photography.

Both days of hiking were loads of fun even if Pat crabbed at Ray many times about being hot. Sorry, Ray…

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