December 5, 2023

A Visit to Arab Street, a Place of Material Beauty.

My inner-Hippie has been satisfied. A trip to Arab Street in Singapore transports visitors to the likes of Istanbul and Moroccan street markets: brass pots, hookah pipes, and pashmina scarves in every imaginable color. Arab Street is in the Kampong Glam neighborhood of Singapore and the home of the Sultan Mosque.

Arab Street is where people go when looking for beautiful fabrics for dresses and decorating. In fact this is what prompted us to bus down there – a hole in Jen’s couch cushion. Each shop offers rows and rows of material beauty. There are tailors in each shop willing to sew up a gown for as little as S$25. Not bad…

Ray and I window shopped until the scent of kababs made us stop for dinner. As the little gift shops closed up around 6:30, the restaurants started moving their outside tables around, taking up the sidewalks of the closed shops. This relaxed neighborhood enjoys long evening hours.

We enjoyed sharing a meze platter (haydari, hummus, patates salate, sakusuka, patlacaw salata and lavish) and some Iskander lamb kababs with Turkish coffee and fistikli balkava and kaddyif burma to top it off. I took a risk when ordering a drink. I selected ayran which turned out to be a cold whipped yogurt/buttermilk drink served in a brass mug. It was very good!

This neighborhoods has now been added to places we will take visitors to see.