Balloons on Vacation

Patti P. from Minneapolis visited Singapore last week. She brought Drew and Drake balloons one of which enjoyed some pool time. Ray and I gave Patti a walkabout downtown, including a reflecting ball sculpture.

Drake got to show off the Tiong Bahru Market with it’s array of fresh fish, vegetables, and fruit as well as a local restaurant with a gelato case. A flavor for everyone.

Patti treated me to a night out at the top of the Marina Bay Sands Resort and their restaurant Sky on 57 overlooking the freighter-filled bay and Gardens by the Bay. There even is a swimming pool at the top with a view over the city. Gulp! The drinks were pricey but the view was worth it.

Arab Street and Chinatown, Tiger Beer and hawker center lunches, re-crafting a souvenir, we kept busy along with lots of walking, talking, and a bit of swimming.

Thank you tons, Patti for the visit. It was almost as good as our Hong Kong trip.

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