Busy Birthday Week

Mid November is a busy birthday time for our family. Today is Ray’s birthday, tomorrow is Jenny’s birthday and Tuesday is Drew’s birthday. Lots of celebrating going on here. Jenny planned a kids party for Drew last Friday.

Minecraft cake for Drew
Minecraft cake for Drew

Drew and I made a chocolate cake from scratch and found out my convection oven works just fine. Glad to know that. The oven has been glaring at me every day since we moved in here like a dark mysterious cave filled with who knows what – bats, Golum, snakes. Now it’s my friend and I can get back to baking and cooking, just not a 15 lb turkey.

Yes, that is a Minecraft-inspired decorated cake. You’d think after all these years that Wilton’s cake products could come up with a food coloring that doesn’t stain. The kids all walked around with green teeth all evening.

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