December 5, 2023

Nearby Nerja, Spain ( April 3 & 6, 2018)

On April 3, Pat and I decided to hike to an old sugar mill and aqueduct, a couple of miles outside of Nerja. We had visited Museo Nerja the day before which inspired this hike. The museums display on both the mill and aqueduct was enticing. We started early and planned on getting breakfast on the way. Unfortunately, we kept putting it off until we were outside the city and there were no more cafes! The last thing we passed, as we got to the town border, was a grocery. Sigh. So we picked up a couple of snacks and …

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Nerja, Spain (23 March- 09 April 2018)

After leaving Ronda, we drove to Malaga to meet up with our friends Jim and Mary Jane. We had a few hours before our friends arrived so Pat and I had time to walk down to the Med and walk the beach to enjoy the views, fresh sea air and gather some sea glass. After our meet up we took a bus to Nerja where we would stay for the next few weeks and enjoy the Easter Week festivities. Because we had been in Nerja two years ago for Christmas, this was a much different visit since we already knew …

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Spain for Christmas 2015!

Last Christmas season found us in southern South America – Patagonia. This was our first trip to this continent so we thought what a great place to spend both Christmas and New Years among the mountains of Chile. Ice cold glaciers filled in for snow covered trees. Good friends of ours in Charlotte decided to spend a year traveling around Europe. Their first 5 months was along the Costa del Sol in Nerja, Spain. They moved into their apartment in November. When we heard of their plans we tentatively asked them if they would like some company in December. I …

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