November 25, 2020

Red Butte Skyline Trail Hike (11/15/2020)

Our Utah family decided to take us for a hike in the nearby mountains. This was our first hike since moving to Salt Lake City on November 2, 2020. The day was overcast, but there was no threat of rain or snow. We parked near the Museum of Natural History and hiked the Red Butte Skyline Trail. We weren’t sure how far we would go, considering whether Pat and I had acclimatized to the new altitude (we now live above 4,500 feet – the previous 2 years we lived near sea level). The hike took us 3.45 miles in 2 …

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Nevada-Utah (July 2019)

We got the call – I’ve got to go! It’s kind of what we do. Jenny had an extra ticket for the Penn & Teller show at the Rio in Las Vegas and didn’t want to waste it (Tom had to leave because of filming in Chicago). Lucky me! I immediately booked a flight to Las Vegas for the next day. The plan was to stay in Las Vegas for a few days, then drive to Utah, with a destination east of Park City. Saturday, July 13 I arrived at the Luxor Las Vegas Hotel. After checking in, I met …

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