June 21, 2024

Fun with Coins – A Pound of London Fiddlybits*

As our time in London was quickly closing in on us all – Ray, Alison, and me – we started gathering up all the flotsam that accumulates around a busy vacation. We started looking through what we had set aside to take home and what we bought for souvenirs. I always take some of the local fiddlybits* home.

Alison and I noticed there were several variations of the British coins and were trying to find one of each kind. We then noticed that the newer minted coins had an odd asymmetrical design to each one, slightly off center and just odd. Alison looked it up on the Internet and sure enough the newer coins did have a planned design. See photo below…

If you look at the top coin – the Pound coin – it has a shield on it. The rest of the denominations when arranged make up the same shield. Cool, huh? Being an appreciator (and a very small-time collector) of interesting coins I found this very fun. My packet of coins is in my Save pile and Alison took a packet home, too.

BTW, I think having a coin instead of a paper bill for the $1.00 or €1.00 is a great idea. Singapore also has a S$1.00 coin that is silver with a gold band around it. Very easy to spot.

* OK, what is a fiddlybit, you say? A castle tour guide in Northern Wales told us many years ago that her favorite word was fiddlybits which are all the little coins she collects in her pocket each day. All the small change that most people find hard to get rid of except for Ray who makes it a challenge to pay a bill with as many coins as possible. “Got rid of 7 coins that time” he’ll say triumphantly.