June 21, 2024

Hiking and the Natural Side of Singapore

Ray and I found a web listing for a green way that runs 26 miles through the center of Singapore. It’s a former train track that is no longer in use. Info on the green way was a bit sketchy so not a tourist spot. So we fumbled around after getting off the MRT and kind of found it by accident behind a Hindu temple.

img_2929 - -Travelers Palm
Travelers Palm

By the time we found the green way, I was hot and sweaty already. Because the path was a former railroad line there are no trees or any form a shade other than the occasional bridge. We only saw about a dozen other people the whole 2 hours or so hike. Great flora saw a traveler’s palm tree that I’ve never seen before, kind of looks like a peacock tail but very minimal fauna hear loads of birds but never quite seen then except for pigeons. It’s almost like the Singaporeans have filed wildlife into the zoo habitat to keep them out of their daily lives. Loads of butterflies and the biggest blackest bumblebee I’ve ever seen.

Took us almost as long to find a way out of the green way and back in civilization as it did to find our way in. We ended up in a neighborhood called Holland which is single family dwellings that look much like high price Florida homes, gated and manicured.

Like I mentioned this green way extends for over 26 miles so we only scratched the surface. Next time we go back we will try to map out our course a bit better. The Google Maps mapping app is spotty here at best and always seem to not respond at the worse possible time  like when sweat is dripping in our eyes and we have finished off the last of our water and just want to get into an air conditioned spot.