December 5, 2023

Hypoluxo Scrub (May, 2019)

Not far from our apartment, here in Boynton Beach, is a Florida scrub (an area of bare, white sand and evergreens – often named for the dominant plant species found in them) called the Hypoluxo Scrub Natural Area – a protected habitat. We have visited this area many time over the last 10+ years to enjoy the many plants and a few animals, including the gopher tortoise that digs underground burrows/tunnels.

Photos from our latest visit – if we have misidentified anything, please let us know:

What we love about visiting several of the scrub areas around Boynton Beach is how close they are to the brewery district on High Ridge Road. It helps me get through the hot, sweaty hiking easier. It’s much like walking around in the heat of Singapore and knowing there is a cold bottle of Tiger beer at closest hawker center.