December 5, 2023

Japanese Garden, Singapore

The whole of Singapore island is urban++. There are sky-scraping apartment buildings everywhere. There are also parks and green patches that help break up the concrete jungle. Jurong Lake is a freshwater reservoir in the western part of the island. Surrounding the lake are the Chinese Gardens and the Japanese Gardens. Both are delights to visit.

Ray and I took Drake to the turtle and tortoise farm in the Chinese Garden last month. It was a very interesting exhibit and the rest of the gardens were great, too. That large tortoise with Drake was just walking around, greeting the visitors. He ate some lettuce Drake held out to him and didn’t seem to mind being used as a drum.

Last Saturday Ray and I headed out to visit the Japanese Gardens. The park was full of picnicking families under shade trees and in the pretty gazebos. The setting in both parks is very calm and relaxing.

What really caught our attention was the series of stone lanterns. We collected photos of some of them to share with you. They all had plaques with the installation date of 2008 and a name – we aren’t sure if it’s the type of lantern or the sculptor. Each one had such a unique character. We hope you enjoy them too. Remember you can click on any of these photos to see a larger version of the image.