June 21, 2024

Location: Spain. Subject: Tile Work

Whenever I travel, one subject seems to get stuck in my camera lens, figuratively that is. In France it was fleur de lis. In Bali it was temple offerings. In Cambodia it was stone carvings. In Melbourne it was graffiti. And in almost every place it’s food markets and food.

This December in Spain I found another subject – tiles. Tiles on the ceiling, tiles along a storefront, souvenir tiles, tiles in the Alhambra. No matter where I looked a tile was looking to be photographed. Here are some of my images without captions (although Ray will fuss about this).

I didn’t plan this but a fleur de lis some how snuck into the group. I think what most appealed to me about these tiles are that they are basically a building material that holds up well over time. The Spanish craftspeople took advantage of this material to make the ordinary parts of their towns works of beauty.

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