April 19, 2024

Moved into Apartment in Tiong Bahru

Thought you’d enjoy this article from a free local newspaper I picked up this morning.


I love the line “They struggled to contain their indifference”. HA!

We moved into our one bedroom apartment Friday night. We’ve been nesting on and off for the last few days, unpacking and buying stuff not being shipped over. The apartment is nice and roomy and very 60s in style with a little bit of Art Deco flavor to it.

The oddest thing is the kitchen. It is not part of the air conditioned area. It is in a long room behind a door that also houses the washer and dryer but the one end is open to the outside. The kitchen does not have hot water.

Ray was as happy as a clam once the cable and internet was installed. He’s a man of simple needs.

The larger apartments with 2-3 bedrooms also has an additional room off of this kitchen area for the live in maid which is very common. I think Jen’s place has an extra room. She’ll be moving at the end of the week.

Tom and the big kids are here until Friday. They are doing the sightseeing tour stuff. They will just be getting over jet lag before flying home.