April 19, 2024

Peru: Back in Cusco (21-22 June 2019)

On the drive back to Cusco from Ollantaytambo, we had arranged for another tour in the immediate Cusco area. This tour was also provide by Inkayni Peru Tours. The arrangements were made by Amadeo, our guide for the trip to Machu Picchu. We all thought this would allow us to see a few more spots of interest closer to home.

Friday, 21 June

The tour started at Saqsaywaman. This “fortress” is just outside Cusco and is often used for ceremonies having to do with the Incan culture. The day we were there, bleachers were being set up for some activity. One of the things that struck me was the size of the boulders, and the precision they were assembled.

From Saqsaywaman, our next stop was Q’enco Archaeological Complex. There seems to be conflicting information about this site – our guide told us the site was one of the few dedicated to a woman, a relative of one of the leaders of the Incas. However, I can find no confirmation of this. The facts that we can confirm is that it is a religious site where sacrifices were done in a chamber below one of the large rocks, and the site had astronomical significance. There is a large rock when you enter the site that was used astronomically. That rock was mostly destroyed by the Spanish.

Next up was Puka Pukara, a military outpost along one of the Inca trails.

The final archeological site on our tour was Tambomachay. Although I don’t remember our guide mentioning it, and we didn’t see examples, this site was a military spa with bathing pools and was referred to as the “Bath of the Incas”.

Since Pat and I were leaving very early Saturday morning, the four of us had our last meal together at Hanz Craft Beer Restaurant, which we had visited several time this past week.

Saturday, 22 June

This morning, Pat and I had an early flight home, leaving Cusco at 8:30 AM, with a stop in Lima, before continuing on to Miami.

On the way up I-95, between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, we spotted a motorcycle pulling a trailer with a drum set, guitar and speakers, driving in the fast lane, holding up traffic and causing slowdowns as people want to see the strange site. In addition, there was a sidecar with a small horse, riding along. Bizarre!

Although we were soon home, David and Justin were still in Cusco. There flight was not until late Saturday evening. We had no idea what they might do, but were not surprised when we found out they took a chocolate candy class.

This brought our trip to Peru to a close. It has been wonderful!