Pulau Ubin Saturday

We have been wanting to visit Pulau Ubin since we arrived in Singapore. Getting there is not very easy. It’s across the island about an hour bus + a 15 minute bumboat ride away. We made the bus trek once already but I got distracted by the beaches along the Changi Village shore and we never got all the way over.

Well today we did. I kept looking towards the island and away from the beaches. We got there this time!

It is an island that is cut off from the civilization-crazy Singapore. There is a small population living here with well water and generator electricity. Tourists come for the great biking and hiking trails.

We enjoyed hiking around ponds, mangroves, and tidal pools. There weren’t as many other visitors as we expected. Lots of people renting bikes but they went one way and we went another.

Only heavy commerce on the island (Pulau Ubin)
Only heavy commerce on the island (Pulau Ubin)

We found two geocaches along the way which was fun. Finally got rid of a pesky travel bug we’ve been lugging around since October. We wanted to place it in a cache in South America but it was way to big for the containers we found there.

Ran into a few monkeys along one path, several local dogs who were having way to much fun in the tidal pools, and some rather large spiders.

Ray finally had to ask me to stop photographing so many flowers but they were everywhere and hard to resist. See for yourself:

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