June 21, 2024
Tom and Drew leading the group

Red Butte Skyline Trail Hike (11/15/2020)

Our Utah family decided to take us for a hike in the nearby mountains. This was our first hike since moving to Salt Lake City on November 2, 2020. The day was overcast, but there was no threat of rain or snow. We parked near the Museum of Natural History and hiked the Red Butte Skyline Trail. We weren’t sure how far we would go, considering whether Pat and I had acclimatized to the new altitude (we now live above 4,500 feet – the previous 2 years we lived near sea level).

The hike took us 3.45 miles in 2 hours and 22 minutes. The elevation gain for most of us was only 591 feet. (Tom and Drake probably doubled, or tripled, that when they took a detour up another path.) The day was overcast and cool – great for a hike. Pat’s Apple watch calculated 19 flights of stairs.

Ray and I have been using hiking sticks for many years and find them to be very useful on uneven and slippery terrain. They came is handy for this hike because of both icy paths and muddy paths.