June 21, 2024

Southern Ridges Hiking

We took an easy hike through the Southern Ridges of Singapore this morning. No monkeys and no mud this time. We started the hike at Mount Faber’s Henderson Wave bridge and snaked around on the paths and along a elevated sky way over the tree tops. The city views from here were amazing.

Singapore skyline from the Southern Ridges hike
Singapore skyline from the Southern Ridges hike


We stopped at a World War II museum at Bukit Chandu which was the scene of the last battle of Singapore in 1942 when the Japanese successfully invaded the island. Sad times but like all Singapore museums, the displays were interesting and innovative. Alas we did not do a very good job of tracking where we were and where the geocaches were because we missed an easy one. Rats.

We continued along into Kent Ridge Park, another park along the Southern Ridge. Found one path along a pond filled with birds and squirrels. Need to find out what kind of birds we saw but by the sign posted here bird thieves lurk.

The squirrels here are small and brown with racing stripes along their sides. Too quick for me to photograph them.