June 21, 2024

France – Driving to Nice (20-22 April 2018)

The bus trip from Andorra to Toulouse airport took a little over 3 hours and passed through some beautiful mountain scenery. In Toulouse, the rental car company, SixT, upgraded us to a bigger car with no drop-off charge because they needed the car in Nice. Turns out a bigger car is not necessarily a good thing in a country with narrow roads designed for smaller cars. Fortunately, we made it to Nice without any dents or scratches (there may have been a few indentation in the interior from us occasionally gripping too hard). We had decide to drive to Bezier …

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Andorra (18-19 April 2018)

Pat and I took the 10:30 bus from Barcelona to Andorra, passing through some beautiful countryside, and arriving at Andorra la Vella at 13:45 (1:45 PM). When we reached the border with Andorra, there was no border control. Unfortunately, as with all E.U. countries, we didn’t get a stamp in our passports. Andorra is not an E.U. member country, so technically we should have gone through border control, however Andorra uses the Euro currency and is closely related to the E.U. A bit confusing. We arrived in the Andorra’s capital city, Andorra la Vella, we walked (uphill) from the bus …

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