October 23, 2021

Trip to Patagonia – Dec 29, 2014 – Discover Chiloé Island; Puñihuil Wildlife Sanctuary

– from the Itinerary: This morning, we’ll visit villages on the coast of Chiloé Island, including Quinchao Island, Curaco de Velez, and Achao. In Achao, we’ll see one of the 16 historic wooden churches of Chiloé that are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Begun by Jesuit missionaries in the 17th century, these churches represent the blending of Spanish Catholicism with indigenous culture, with some details of their construction showing that they were built by carpenters who had learned their trade building boats. You’ll have time for lunch on your own, after which we return to our hotel. Later, …

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Trip to Patagonia – Dec 28, 2014 – Visit Local School; Home-Hosted Lunch; Ferry to Chiloé Island

  – from the Itinerary: After breakfast this morning, we’ll continue our travel in Chile with a visit to a local school (when in session). We’ll meet some young students and get a look at what a small, rural school is like in this part of Chile. Then we’ll be the guests of a local family in the community of Pargua, where they will prepare a traditional meal called a curanto for us. Curanto is a stew consisting of typical local fare—shellfish, meat, potatoes, and vegetables, cooked in a hole in the ground lined with rocks. As the meal is …

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