June 24, 2021

Thailand (30 Jan – 6 Feb 2016)

Because Pat and I had a free week, we decided to go to Bangkok, Thailand. Saturday, 30 Jan 2016 Flew to Bangkok on Tiger Air and took a cab from the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Although we were offered transportation in a limo for THB$1000 (about US$28), one of our friends in Singapore told us to ignore these offers and go directly to the taxi stand. Good advice – taxi cost us THB$400 (US$11). Traffic was terrible, especially the short drive up Soi 11 to our hotel. This road, that we often had to walk to get around, took at least 1/2 …

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2015 / Japan / Tokyo / x

Pat and Ray visit Tokyo (2-9 Aug 2015) Part I

2 Aug 2015 We left our Singapore apartment at 4:50 AM to head to Changi Airport for our 6:50 AM flight to Tokyo. The flight was uneventful, as one always hopes. We landed at Narita (NRT) at about 2:30 PM. The line to get through Immigration was horrendous. Probably the longest delay we ever experienced in our many travels – room was hot and humid and it took over an hour to get through and there was no apparent reason for it. Fortunately, picking up our luggage and getting through Customs was easy and fast. Once outside Customs, we looked …

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Out for a Beer Tasting

We went around the corner (literally), to a restaurant named “Lee Tai Fu”. This place has a very nice selection of craft beers from around the world, especially Australia, United Kingdom and the U.S.. Tonight, Pat drank a Siren Craft Brew’s Middle Finger Discount (from the U.K.) and Ray had a Bevertown Brewery’s Gamma Ray American Pale Ale (also a U.K. brew). Ray’s was a very typical hopped-up American pale ale, while Pat’s was a very smooth pale ale. Ray liked his and Pat liked hers, but we both agreed hers was easier to drink.

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