December 3, 2023

A hiking weekend 22-23 Nov 2014

We had two really good hiking days this weekend, walking in between rain storms. We only got caught once coming home Sunday and got drenched in just a few moments as we scrambled to get our umbrellas out. A few weeks ago we hiked the Green Corridor with some friends. Pat was not able to finish the whole way then, so we rode a bus out to the spot where we stopped and finished the corridor on Saturday. Because of the rainy November here the Green Corridor could have been renamed the Brown Corridor or the Mud Corridor. Footing was …

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Singapore Green Corridor Hike

Before we came to Singapore and were researching it to see what to look forward to, we read about the Green Corridor or the Greenway. It is a railroad track no longer in use that runs through the island. It was the original train line going into Malaysia and is about 16 miles long. We made two short walks on it just to get a feel for it. Then in October we met several women on a cemetery tour who also mentioned wanting to walk the Corridor. So Gwenn and I started emailing each other until we set up a …

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