September 20, 2021

Durian – The King of Fruit

For many years I have been curious about the durian fruit. I saw them for sale at Super G on Independence in Charlotte but because of the size and price I was not brave enough to buy one. They are one odd fruit: We first saw these at the fruit stand across the street back in August which is the Malaysian peak season and now as it gets close to the holiday season the supply is back but imported from a different part of Asia. This batch is smaller but they still are about the size and shape of a …

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October, 2014 in Bintan, Indonsia

This is our 4th day in Bintan, Indonesia. Beautiful beach and blue skies. This is quite a change from Singapore yet is only an hour ferry ride away. Saw my first dragon fruit on the bush and jackfruit in it’s tree. Also saw acres and acres of palm trees harvested for palm oil. I’m taking some awesome photos of the crazy motorcycle drivers on this island. There are laws around but from what I see, they might only be suggestions (like the one stop sign on Bonaire). We’ve seen a driver and up to 4 little kids on one cycle! …

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