October 23, 2021

Little India for Dinner

Took the bus into Little India for dinner. Had no idea what to expect other than what the travel books mention which is the place is overpowering with colors, scents, and sounds. We got off the bus one stop past where we should have so walked around a very sterile and quiet hospital and university campus area for awhile until we got where we wanted to be. Cross one street and turn a corner and BAM right in the middle of Little India. Wow what a huge change in just one short block! Stores and stores filled with flowers strung …

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Misc. Singapore Impressions and Thoughts

It’s funny being in a foreign country for awhile how easy it is to get used to not understanding surrounding conversations. I always thought it would bother me to not be able to eves drop. After almost 2 months out of the US Ray and I both were startled when hearing: “Remember the pizza we had in Vermont?” It will probably be a snippet of conversation we will remember.We never saw the couple and I’m not even sure where we were but I do remember how my ears perked up. How many aisles of steam irons or coffee pots do …

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