October 23, 2021

Singapore (May 5 – June 30)

When we left Singapore, with Jenny and family staying behind, a return trip was in our future. We finally picked May 5. Our original plan was to leave Singapore on July 5 and fly to Paris for 2 weeks. We decided to wait until June to book the flight to Paris – good thing, since our plans were changing! Between the time we booked our flight to Singapore and actually got there, Jenny announced she quit her job and travel the world with her family! Her last day in SG was to be June 30 (a week before we were …

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2015 The Year of the Goat/Sheep

Ray and I took a guided tour of Chinatown the week before Chinese New Year (CNY) to gather some more facts and legends related to CNY in Singapore. As with any media and market-driven holiday many of the “must have” items are not part of the traditional celebration. As newcomers in Singapore we have been asking everyone what we need to know. Many of the traditional foods and decorations are chosen for their names and what they sound like. Many Chinese traditions have evolved because the word for something sounds similar to powerful or fortunate words. The key CNY words, …

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Moved into Apartment in Tiong Bahru

Thought you’d enjoy this article from a free local newspaper I picked up this morning. http://mypaper.sg/opinion/excuse-me-can-i-bite-you-20140818 I love the line “They struggled to contain their indifference”. HA! We moved into our one bedroom apartment Friday night. We’ve been nesting on and off for the last few days, unpacking and buying stuff not being shipped over. The apartment is nice and roomy and very 60s in style with a little bit of Art Deco flavor to it. The oddest thing is the kitchen. It is not part of the air conditioned area. It is in a long room behind a door …

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