April 19, 2024

‘Tis the Singapore X-Mas Season

X-Mas music is playing everywhere in public spaces and malls. My internal music machine is overwhelmed. I’m humming more than just “Good King Wenceslas” now. The wreathes and hangings around our condo complex look like they’ve been around for quite a few years.

We stopped by Ikea yesterday and the artificial trees were all gone. Live trees were flowing out of the store. Even our local Japan Home store had small artificial trees for sale. The white tree above was in Liang Court Mall and is made up of dolls donated for a charity drive.

The downtown streets were nicely lit up. Even the river boats were decorated with trees in the bows. Great World Mall has a ceiling display of large cherubs flying around a tree.

Ray and I have been gathering gifts to send back to the U.S.A. I fear that the postage will be more than the value of the items in the box. Think entering “gifts” on the customs form will be sufficient or do I need to declare what I have bought? Kind of takes away from the surprise when the box lists the contents. Like the birthday present Ray got from his daughter and family that said coffee mug and candy on the form.

Next year we are back to Amazon shopping, I think. Maybe they will deliver via drones by then.