June 21, 2024

Trip to Patagonia

This coming Friday morning at 2 A.M., Pat and I fly out of Singapore for our trip to South America (Argentina and Chile and Patagonia), This is a trip we had planned last February, long before we knew about moving to Singapore. The flight goes to Doha, Qatar, and then to Buenos Aries – 30+ hours from the time the plane takes off from Singapore, until it lands in BA!

The trip is organized by Overseas Adventure Travel (www.oattravel.com) and will be our first group tour (can’t count our trips with Kathy and Alan or John and Ruth), so we’re not sure how it will go for us. There will be no more than 12-14 other people.We will be posting as often as makes sense and can be accomplished. Each posting will include an introduction from the OAT-provided itinerary, such as the following:

Stretching from the southern end of the Andes Mountains in Argentina and Chile to Cape Horn, the Americas’ southernmost tip, are the storied lands of Patagonia. Carved by centuries of geological movement, the Patagonian wilds harbor more fjords than all of Scandinavia, as well as jutting mountains, steep cliffs, winding waterways, towering volcanoes, and majestic glaciers that combine to form a landscape of rugged beauty. We journey here to explore a land of alpine lodges, travel across the windswept steppes where gauchos roam, discover the many wonders of Los Glaciares and Torres del Paine national parks, and experience the timeless culture of the remote island of Chiloé. And we’ll begin and end our wilderness adventure in Argentina’s lively capital, Buenos Aires, where we’ll indulge our senses in all that this compelling and cosmopolitan city has to offer, from its striking blend of classic and modern architecture to the passion of the tango.


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